Effects of Personalities and Ecommerce

Effects of Personalities, Endorsements and E-commerce

Personalities, be it Youtube personalities or celebrities, are used to sell products in the past for physical retailers. However, now they are used to sell products online through being sponsors that use certain products that are targeted to customers. An example of this is watching video with famous video game streamer Shroud play a game of PUBG using a Razer mouse, who are sponsoring that video series as well.

There has been a shift in consumer behaviour and viewing habits. In the past a consumer would watch TV more than surf the internet. This behaviour has shifted as more and more Malaysians prefer surfing on the internet and consuming media on their laptops, personal computers, tablets or smartphones. With this shift, marketing has also shifted to be on Malaysians social media feeds, websites on which they surf on and on their favourite apps which they use on a daily basis.

Favourite personalities of Malaysians are employed to display certain items or goods that are to be marketed to them in an effort to target the subconscious mind into persuading a person to buy a certain product because it is worn or used by his or her favourite celebrity, personality or influencer.

People also want to be like their favourite personality and believe that the product endorsed by his or her favourite personality is of the best quality which explains why their favourite personality is endorsing said product.

This, however, drives e-commerce businesses as usually the products are cheaper online in comparison to the same product that is sold in a traditional store. This is achieved because online stores do not need to pay store rental fees and they can bypass a middle-man and get an item or good straight from the manufacturer.

This, coupled with personality endorsements ensure that Ecommerce Malaysia will do extremely well and continue its meteoric rise in Malaysia.