SEO is not a one time tweaking. You need to keep optimizing your site overtime in order to stay on top of the rank. If you do not do anything, your site can suddenly be at the bottom of the search result due to competitors or Google new algorithm. So what can you do to maintain your site’s SEO? These ideas will give you guidance on how to maintain your site daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

  • Daily

On daily basis you need to keep educate yourself with current SEO knowledge. Sometimes it’s crazy how fast new technology comes, and it is even crazier how quickly people master it. Another thing to do daily is to check your current metrics, check your positioning, your traffic, sales rate, and other numbers you can track.

  • Monthly

Monthly report allows you to compare large sets of data, so it would be easier for you to see your progress. This is also a chance for you to evaluate your result on that month against your plan. Afterward, you can adjust and plan your tactics for the next month.

  • Quarterly

Quarterly, or every 3 months, you should do a lot of auditing, including technical issues auditing, on-page issues auditing, link profile auditing, and local listings audit. Technical audit should include a review of Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, also benchmark comparisons for speed, usability, and other technical things. On page audit can be done using third-party tools to check your tags, keywords, and content. Link profile audit includes reviewing your quality and quantity of links, diversity sources, and comparison to your competitors.

  • Yearly

After one year, you should be able to measure your overall SEO performance for that year and decide whether or not the strategy worked. Then, you should plan new strategy and tactics to further boost your SEO for the next year.
To conclude, SEO requires a routine, periodic review. As trends come and go, your tactics should be flexible to adapt to new changes. Your SEO expert should work in such pace that conform to SEO trend pace. If you need said expert, head on over to Christchurch SEO.